Pregnancy Yoga Welwyn Hatfield

A pregnancy yoga class like no other

- move, learn, relax

Combine pregnancy yoga and relaxation with an introduction to hypnobirthing. And a big dose of community.
A CubCare Pregnancy Yoga class is a weekly class for pregnant women and people in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield.

Our pregnancy yoga classes are down to earth and suitable for everyone and every birth plan.

Does this sound like you?

• You want to find some gentle exercise that's safe for pregnancy and will ease aches and pains?

• You're keen to keep active during pregnancy and learn about your body and baby during pregnancy and birth?

• You're wanting to find techniques and tools to ease discomfort during pregnancy, and in labour too?

If you're nodding along then you need to understand that...

the way we move in life has an impact on the way we birth

It all starts by understanding that all pregnancies and births different, just like every body is different. But there are things we can do to make the process more comfortable, and potentially easier.

Yoga in pregnancy has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a calmer, healthier pregnancy. Research has also shown that is can also help with labour and birth outcomes – potentially leading to a more positive birth.

A lifetime of moving in a certain way, the way you sit on the sofa, or the way you walk with a bag over one shoulder and in high all impacts how our body is balanced. Shortened, tense muscles on one side, and lengthened muscles on the other can lead to an imbalanced body. Muscles having to work harder, leading to more aches and pains.

Plus, a baby can only make use of the space they have - so an imbalanced body could make the birth journey more difficult.

But the great news is, pregnancy is a wonderful time to address a lifetime of imbalance as your body is already changing. You can't control exactly how birth goes, but you can control a lot of things. Start your journey off confidently, having taken control of the controllables when it comes to pregnancy and birth.

The way your birth impacts your early parenting journey. It can take a while to find your confidence. Taking control of your own journey is so important.

That's why I am so excited to welcome you to...

CubCare Pregnancy Yoga Welwyn Hatfield

The biggest transformations happen when we feel confident, prepared and in control. Taking things one step at a time and always keeping the end goal in mind.

Developed from 10 years experience within the antenatal education and pregnancy yoga worlds, designed to give you the best of birth preparation pregnancy yoga.

Each hour long Sunday evening class will allow you to ease out tense muscles, find space in your body, relax your mind, ease out stresses and strains. Each class combines pregnancy yoga, birth education, hypnobirthing techniques and relaxation.

This Pregnancy Yoga class is the perfect wind-down after a busy week, the best end to your weekend. Clear your mind and ease out stress from your body for the week ahead. Classes are in our Hatfield studio, perfectly placed for Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield, Potters Bar, St Albans, and Wheathampstead.

What's covered in our Pregnancy Yoga classes?



Discover how to ease tension for a more comfortable pregnancy and birth. Yoga can boost energy, improve sleep, relieve stress and anxiety, ease digestive discomforts, ease aches and pains, create strength and flexibility, ease heartburn, constipation - and make more room for you and baby! Movement is so important for pregnancy and birth.


Biomechanics - Active Birth

Every class includes education on your body, and the birth process - helping you understand the link between how muscles and joints work together to help pregnancy and birth happen. Getting the knowledge about your body and applying simple movements and techniques daily - simple easy wins you can continue at home.



Each class covers the main elements of hypnobirthing, and can be an introduction to the method. We focus on breathing techniques, understand the power of the mind and have a clear focus on relaxation and how to achieve it during pregnancy and birth.



Pregnancy Yoga is all about relaxation. Relaxed music, moves to promote muscle and mind relaxation. And a guided relaxation at the end of every class. Pregnancy Relaxation has been shown to improve pregnancy by lowering stress, whilst also having benefits for birth too.


Social Time

Antenatal classes are traditionally a place to meet your tribe, your mum friends going through the same things as you, at the same time. While we focus on education, community is also a huge part of what we do so there is lots of opportunity to chat and build friendships.

Client Feedback

"I loved attending Jilly’s active antenatal classes. They gave me a fantastic chance to relax and spend time with bump, while also giving me the confidence and right frame of mind to deal with labour. I got practical tips which I put to good use in labour and Jilly was brilliant! Highly recommended!"


Natalie - Pregnancy Yoga classes

"Jilly is a fantastic teacher and easy to learn from. She is so encouraging and teaches her class in a way that is not only relaxing but informative and fun. I would highly recommend any expectant mother to do take part in this course, it really is one of the best things I have done preparing for my baby's arrival."


Laura - Pregnancy Yoga classes

"I attended Pregnancy Yoga classes which really helped me through pregnancy and labour. Jilly creates a warm and calm environment, I left each class feeling relaxed and excited. The class has the right combination of education and relaxation. It was also nice to meet other pregnant ladies to discuss our experiences."

Maria - Pregnancy Yoga classes

Why Choose CubCare for your Pregnancy Yoga Classes?

I'm Jilly, and I know the power of good antenatal education. I've been a pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing, active birth and antenatal teacher since 2014. I have helped thousands of families have a better pregnancy and birth experience.

I came into this business after a difficult birth experience with my first, and wanted to find a different way for any future babies I had. I did the NHS antenatal classes in person and felt like I didn't get any new information. Similarly, I did NCT antenatal classes and they didn't prepare me for the realties of birth.

I discovered through my training, how amazing it is to combine hypnobirthing and body mechanics science (through pregnancy yoga). Safe to say, my second birth experience was a world away from my first – and one I still smile about now, 8 years on! And what I didn't anticipate is how much better my postnatal and parenting experience was, because I'd had a birth where I felt in control.

What I learned is that when you work with your body during pregnancy to make it as balanced as possible, and when you have a whole bunch of tricks up your sleeve for coping with labour sensations…you can turn any birth journey into a positive one.

Having a body that isn't restricted, that can move, is so important for the pregnancy and birth journey. Keeping your body moving is vital for easing pregnancy discomfort, but knowing the right way to move is key.

Jilly Clarke, founder of CubCare Antenatal and Baby, smiling at the camera

Important CubCare Pregnancy Yoga Information

CubCare Pregnancy Yoga classes are for pregnant people only, and suitable to attend from 11-14 weeks pregnant (after the dating scan) up until baby’s birth. You can book a block of 5 or 10 classes to secure your spot, or PAYG when space allows.

CubCare Pregnancy Yoga classes have been developed from 10 years experience within the antenatal education world,

designed to give you the best of birth preparation pregnancy yoga.

Some benefits of Pregnancy Yoga include:

* Improved energy

* Better sleep

* A deeper understanding of your body

* A more balanced body to support pregnancy and birth

* Strengthened and flexible muscles

* Potential relief from aches and pains – joint pain, backache, carpel tunnel, heart burn, fullness, constipation

* Improved stress and anxiety

Each class includes:

* Pregnancy yoga – to see you through from 11-14 weeks (after your first scan) until birth

* An introduction to antenatal and active birth education

* An introduction to Hypnobirthing – how, and why, connecting your movements to your breath is so powerful for birth

* Relaxation

* Making new friends

Pregnancy Yoga is in Hatfield, at The Penn Clinic. The Penn Clinic is an Osteopath clinic, and pairs perfectly with the CubCare philosophy. Classes in Welwyn Hatfield are perfect for for those in Welwyn Garden City, Welwyn, Hatfield, Potters Bar, Stevenage, St Albans, Wheathampstead, and Knebworth.


When can I start Pregnancy Yoga?

If you regularly do yoga practice, then as long as you are feeling up to it then it is perfectly fine to continue during the first trimester. You may find that you need to adapt some moves and positions depending on how you are feeling on the day, just listen to your body. 

For our pregnancy yoga classes, we welcome everyone from their dating scan (usually around 14 weeks, as you enter the second trimester) to help support your changing body. Attending regularly also allows you plenty of time to get a deeper connection to your changing body, to support a confident pregnancy, and also birth. But it is never too late either, so join us whenever you are ready.  Classes are a wonderful opportunity to meet others who are also pregnant and start your journey with a support network already in place. The more classes you attend, the more people you can add to your support network!

Do I really need antenatal classes and pregnancy yoga classes?

It is so important to attend antenatal classes, to learn about what to expect and ways to manage the experience. CubCare antenatal classes will help you prepare for the birth of your baby and help provide you with confidence and education. 

Attending pregnancy yoga classes as well as antenatal classes can help you link the education with how your body works. What’s special about CubCare antenatal classes is that it is all linked. All classes compliment each other, so you can be confident that you will understand the whole picture – your body, your baby, your birth.   

You will remember your baby’s birth day for a very long time, and it will have a big impact on your early parenting journey. By attending antenatal classes you can learn about your choices and give you the best start to the journey.

Do I really need pregnancy yoga?

It is important to prepare your body for birth, but pregnancy yoga isn’t compulsory. It is a really gentle form of exercise that works well in pregnancy to lengthen and strengthen key muscles, to help you to adapt to your changing body as baby grows.

But also it allows space to relax and connect with your pregnancy, whilst balancing your body for birth and recovery. It is so important to attend antenatal classes, to learn about what to expect and ways to manage the experience. CubCare pregnancy yoga classes will help you prepare for the birth of your baby and help provide you with confidence and some education. 

How much is the class?

You can choose a block of 10 classes (£100, £10 per class), 5 classes (£55, £11 per class), or PAYG if there is space each week for £13.

This includes one 1-hour class each week. Also included is a class Whatsapp group, email follow-ups with added information and education after each class, access to relaxation downloads and further information and support. Plus, you will have access to Jilly Clarke, our perinatal expert, throughout the course to answer any questions and give you support. You will also get access to discounts off group workshops and baby classes too.

What do I need to wear/bring?

Comfy clothing that you would wear to be active in. For example leggings and a t-shirt/vest.

A bottle of water

A blanket for relaxation

A pillow for relaxation

I am planning a caesarean birth is this class still worth it?

Yes absolutely! The movement and relaxation can help you during pregnancy to ease discomfort and help prepare your mindset for birth.

Our movements can help with baby’s positioning, which can help with the cesearean operation and aid recovery too. Plus also the breathing and relaxation techniques will be very useful in the build up to the operation, to ease anxiety and nerves, to help with any pain afterwards and whilst recovering.  

Plus, depending on the reason why a caesarean might be the best option for you, there may be a chance that your baby has other ideas before the date. So, having prepared for all eventualities you will be calmer and feeling more in control of the situation. 

Also, classes are a wonderful opportunity to meet others who are also pregnant and start your journey with a support network already in place.

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