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Compare Bump and Baby Club, NCT and CubCare

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16 Nov, 2023

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!

I imagine you are expecting a baby and looking for an antenatal class, Bump and Baby Club, or an NCT course in Welwyn, Hatfield or even Potters Bar?

There are a host of options you could choose from. From parents recommending NCT, Bump and Baby Club, to other people saying there is no need to do antenatal classes at all. What do you do?!

Firstly, antenatal education is so important and you need to do your homework. I have written a blog about this that you can check out here.


Trust me that the birth of your baby will have an impact on you for a long, long time and you deserve to be as prepared as you can be.

Secondly, it really pays to do your research rather than just opting for the first antenatal classes on Google, or go with the NCT because they have been around for the longest time.

You want to look for the absolute best education you can get. Not all antenatal classes are created equally.

In this blog we’ll discuss the differences and similarities between CubCare Antenatal Courses, Bump and Baby Club and NCT. These are the main antenatal classes run in the Welwyn Hatfield area in Hertfordshire.

NCT Course Welwyn, Bump and Baby club Welwyn

Six couples at a CubCare antenatal course standing in a line looking at the camera. There are 6 pregnant women and their birth partners beside them. Bump and Baby Club
Image of a pregnant woman lying down on her side with another person massaging her hips with their fists. Caption reads "Ultimate Birth Partner Guide"

NCT Course Welwyn, Bump and Baby club Welwyn 

What is Bump and Baby Club, an NCT course and CubCare?

NCT is the company that everyone has heard about. Because it has been around the longest is the one that most grandparents to be will recommend. But is it any better than alternative providers?

NCT stands for National Childbirth Trust, they are a charity and they run private antenatal courses across the UK.

Often when parents-to-be attend private (i.e. not NHS) antenatal classes they are combined together under the heading NCT classes.

But they could have attended any numbers of private antenatal courses. CubCare Antenatal classes are one such private antenatal option.

Bump and Baby Club were founded in 2013 and have a range of “club”, or locations, across the UK.

Are NCT classes worth it?

Speaking to most clients who attended NCT, they will say that they booked because people suggested attending an NCT course to make friends in the local area. They did not look for alternative providers because they did not know that NCT is a company, not a genre.

Once clients have attended one of our pregnancy or postnatal baby classes they will say that they wished they had researched more. They wish they had discovered CubCare during pregnancy.

We provide a friendly environment to make friends, but the classes themselves are top quality. Delivering important education to you at a time when you need it.

NCT Course Welwyn, Bump and Baby club Welwyn

What is Bump and Baby Club?

NCT Course Welwyn, Bump and Baby club Welwyn

Bump and Baby Club are fairly new to Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City, but have antenatal courses across 143 locations in the UK.

They bill themselves as a modern and sociable antenatal class, with 8 hours of antenatal and postnatal education, 2 hours of first aid and a 2 hour pub get together.

Most Bump and Baby Club teachers are practicing midwives, which can sometimes create a conflict of interest between NHS trusts and providing truely unbiased education to clients.

What is a CubCare antenatal class?

NCT Course Welwyn, Bump and Baby club Welwyn

A CubCare class, course or workshop is an entirely independent company. In fact, we are a completely independent business and there is only one employee!

CubCare is the definition of a sole trader. All communication, emails, telephone calls, Whatsapp messages, classes, follow-up, meet ups, reunions will have Jilly behind them.

The wonderful thing about this is that you will be able to get a feel for me before attending class. My face will hopefully be familiar, making for less nerves when you walk in the room!

My qualifications make me a very well rounded teacher, and I can fully support you on your own journey without having to be mindful of head office.

I have close connections with the local NHS trusts at Lister and Barnet hospitals and can give you a truely local approach.

 What does CubCare teach?

There are three different options for antenatal education when it comes to a CubCare Antenatal class.

Pregnancy yoga is a weekly mum-to-be or birthing person only movement-based class designed to be done throughout pregnancy.

We combine elements of pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing and antenatal education to provide a unique class. Classes focus on how to prepare your body for birth and how your body moves, adapts and changes ahead of, and during birth.

Our flagship Antenatal and Hypnobirthing course is designed to be done in conjunction with Pregnancy Yoga but can be done alone as well.

This is a huge, groundbreaking week, 22 hour antenatal course for mum-to-be or birthing person plus birth partner/s and is the most comprehensive course you will find.

If you are looking for the best way to prepare for labour, birth, the postnatal period and the first few months with baby.

Classes focus on how the process of labour works and how you can help move things along, and cope really well at the same time.

Time is spent getting familiar with techniques, and how you, your baby, your body, and birth partner can work together to make birth positive.

We discuss things like induction, water birth, caesarean deliveries, recovery, the stages of labour, 4th trimester, feeding, caring for baby and much more.

We cover hypnobirthing, active birth, boimechanics and advocating for yourself in a difficult maternity system.

If you have already have a baby, then our Refresher Antenatal Course will offer the special elements of our Antenatal Course, but in a condenced version. There is also a 1:1 coaching call to get to the heart of your individual situation.

Or we have our private Antenatal Course option. This can be done in conjunction with Pregnancy Yoga but can be done alone as well. We’ll work with you and your birth team to prepare fully for birth and/or looking after yourself and baby afterwards.

NCT Course Welwyn, Bump and Baby club Welwyn

Couple sitting on a sofa, a pregnant woman front at her partner massaging her back using techniques learnt at a CubCare antenatal class
CubCare Antenatal Refresher Course advert. Caption reads CubCare Antenatal Refresher Course. Image is of a girl cuddling her pregnant mum's belly.
Pregnant woman doing a side bend on a yoga mat, facing the camera, at a CubCare Pregnancy Yoga class

Lets compare NCT, Bump and Baby Club and CubCare.

NCT Course Welwyn, Bump and Baby club Welwyn

NCT, Bump and Baby Club and CubCare run antenatal classes.

That is classes for pregnant people and their birth partners.

  • The NCT’s flagship offering are their antenatal courses that typically run over 15-18 hours (that time includes lunch breaks and a 2hr postnatal reunion). So likely 13 hours of education.
  • Bump and Baby Club classes are 12 hours – including a 2hr pub meet without the teacher, and 2 hrs on first aid. So 8 hours of antenatal and postnatal education.
  • CubCare’s flagship offering is our Antenatal Hypnobirthing course. Its over 22 hours, but every single moment of that is education (minus 10 min here and there for snack and comfort breaks).

Plus…you get some fabulous extras when signing up to a CubCare Antenatal Course. You just will not find these extras anywhere else.

All teachers have been trained to the highest standards.

As a Daisy Foundation trained teacher I have gone through a year-long, 500-hour training pathway to enable us to deliver classes and workshops. With assessments and checks of our teaching standards along the way. This is equivalent to the qualification that NCT teachers undergo. Bump and Baby Club teachera are generally all midwives.

I personally have undertaken additional training and enrol in all sorts of CPD (continuous professional development) courses and workshops each year to develop our knowledge even further to bring your more information within courses. I am always keeping to date with current guidelines.

I am a birth and baby geek, with a passion for helping you understand your rights. I have been teaching classes for 10 years too, so incredibly experienced and have supported hundreds of families.

NCT Course Welwyn, Bump and Baby club Welwyn

Five more ways CubCare is different from NCT and Bump and Baby Club

NCT Course Welwyn, Bump and Baby club Welwyn

1 – All admin contact, classes, workshops, meet ups and support is given directly by Jilly, the owner of CubCare

You can book online directly, I do not hide our prices. But I am available to chat before booking if you’d like to. You’ll speak to only me, and therefore I know everything there is to know, and exactly what you’ll experience during classes. I do not have separate meet ups hosted by volunteers either.

I give my time and energy to supporting our community 100%, and that means hosting free meet up myself too. You will be greeted and looked after by me in every class or meet-up you attend. That is amazing if I am your type of person, perhaps not if I rub you up the wrong way! (I try my best to not do that!)


2 – I am the self-employed owner of CubCare

That means I am a very small player, with little to no marketing budget. I work so hard to get word of mouth recommendations.

It also means that I am not necessarily a household name where parents and even grandparents know the name. It does not mean I am not delivering a first-class experience. I work harder on my classes and offerings to ensure quality over brand name.

But it does mean that I rely on every single person that has ever attended a class or a workshop. I need you to sing it loud and proud that they have come to a CubCare class

3 – I can offer truly individual support and a standard class format

Although trained with The Daisy Foundation, I am now an independent perinatal educator. This means that I can take my knowledge and experience and develop classes and courses that meet the needs of the families that I come into contact with right now.

I understand the challenges and difficulties within the maternity system right now, and I can adapt my support to reflect that. I do not need to answer to big bosses who are out of touch with what is happening on the ground.

Plus, I know that there are vital topics that need to be covered that you might not have any idea about. I do not leave the course planning up to you to choose the content. Any questions are always welcomed, they will either be answered in class or individually depending on the support you need.

I am so proud of my classes and courses, which have been developed with my 9 years teaching experience – to give you the absolute best education possible.

Not only will you get pregnancy and birth education, you will get babywearing support from a fully qualified consultant, as well as 1:1 support throughout, and after the course too. All included in the price.

4 – I offer a range of pregnancy classes.

From our pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing inspired weekly classes, to our fully comprehensive Active Antenatal course. There is something for everyone as they prepare for birth, no matter what number child it is.

5 – We’re not just for late pregnancy and preparing for baby. Postnatally we are here too.

You can start our classes from 14 weeks pregnant and continue until your baby starts school. There are even workshops and events suitable past this age too.

Our CubCare Baby classes are perhaps even more sociable than the pregnancy classes, because those connections are even more important when you have a new baby.

Take a look around the website and take a look around at what’s on offer.

NCT Course Welwyn, Bump and Baby club Welwyn NCT Course Welwyn NCT course Welwyn NCT Course Welwyn, Bump and Baby club Welwyn NCT Course Welwyn NCT course Welwyn NCT Course Welwyn, Bump and Baby club Welwyn NCT Course Welwyn NCT course Welwyn


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