Wrigglers baby yoga Cubs

A bouncy, fun and feel good class for caregiver and baby.



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Wrigglers baby yoga Cubs

 Baby class Welwyn Garden City

CubCare Wrigglers baby yoga Cubs is a fun, lively and very friendly baby class Welwyn Garden City, for your wriggler 4-9 month old.

It is a weekly baby class in Welwyn Garden City to help you learn how to use baby yoga, rhythm, rhyme, story and sensory experiences to aid your baby’s development. Utilising these tools to boost your connection and have fun together!

When it comes to settling in to parenthood, once the early postnatal phase has passed, it can be overwhelming. Baby seems to develop so fast! You have so many questions and often nobody to ask! Baby class Welwyn Garden City

This stage is one of many firsts with baby, as they start to interact more with the world. We will celebrate all of these firsts as a group every week. Baby class Welwyn Garden City

Wrigglers firstly takes the best elements of baby yoga, yoga based movement for caregiver, sensory experiences and mum & baby groups. Then we wrap them together in a class that allows you the confidence that comes from realising you can have fun together.

You will meet other local parents and babies, have a chance to chat and importantly join the term’s WhatsApp group to continue that connection. Baby class Welwyn Garden City

Each hour long class includes baby yoga routines and movement for caregiver and baby. The our “What’s in the box” segment focuses on our theme of the week including our book and sensory elements for babies to explore. Baby class Welwyn Garden City

The class is a perfect balance of time to connect with other parents and time to learn movement and play routines that are incredibly beneficial for both caregiver and baby. Each class also includes developmental play ideas and sensory experiences for you and baby. Baby class Welwyn Garden City


From each class you can expect:
  • Full body baby yoga routines – arming you with a library of songs and movements to continue the fun at home and aid physical development. Baby class Welwyn Garden City
  • Yoga based movement for adult – to stretch out aches, ease tense muscles and provide a scaffolding for baby’s moves
  • Infant education and support – techniques to support your baby in their next physical and mental milestones
  • Games and fun to help promote development of hand and eye co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills, speech, listening, visual development, play and laughter.
  • Early music and communication activities. 
  • Sensory play including bubbles, scarves, music, parachutes, lights and more. Baby class Welwyn Garden City
  • Meet other new parents at the same stage – build that vital support network

Baby class Welwyn Garden City Baby class Welwyn Garden City Baby class Welwyn Garden City

When can I attend/How old does baby need to be?

postnatal course welwyn

Babies can attend from around 3-4 months or when they are confidently rolling (either is fine) until they are confidently on the move (crawling or cruising) or around 9-10 months old. Our bigger class will then be suitable from this point.

We don’t run on a termly basis so you are welcome to join at any time. Attending for a period of at least 6 weeks is recommended to build your support network and give you a solid bank of songs and activities to continue with your baby at home. You are welcome to continue to attend longer than 6 weeks too, as the class offers so much in terms of support and knowledge.


What do I need to wear/bring?


    • Comfy clothing that you would wear to be active in. For example leggings and a t-shirt/vest. Jeans can be a little restrictive.
    • Something comfortable for baby to lie on (a blanket or a yoga mat)

    • You’ll need some organic cold pressed coconut oil, grape seed oil (food grade) or organic cold pressed sunflower oil. If you don’t have these – don’t worry you can do the massage over baby’s clothes


  • Comfy clothing that they can move around in

  • Feeding/Changing supplies


Can I bring twins/multiples?

Yes absolutely! Twins and multiples are always welcome and there is no extra cost. If you wish to bring another adult then please let the teacher know when booking, as some classes have limited space. Otherwise the teacher can adapt activities, or work with you if desired.

Check out our blog on attending a baby class with twins.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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