Starting Solids Workshop – start food confidently



Starting Solids Workshop. 2.5 hours.

This workshop will give you the latest evidence-based information so you can make the best informed choices for you and your baby about the transition to solid food.

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Starting Solids Workshop

There are so many books, websites and magazines giving your conflicting advice, not to mention the well-meaning comments from friends and family.

It is hard to know where to start! We will keep it simple, answering all your questions along the way, and leaving you feeling confident and ready for this next part of the journey with your baby.

This 2.5-hour workshop will give you the latest evidence-based information so you can make the best informed choices for you and your baby.

The workshop will work through not just the main guidance for starting solids (when to start, how to go about it, different approaches etc.) but looking to create a lifetime habit of healthy eating and a healthy relationship with food.

You will receive a free copy of our Starting Solids workbook (usually £10) plus access to a private Facebook group that includes lots of further information and guidance, plus recipes and meal ideas.

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Spoon/puree feeding
  • Signs of readiness – when to start
  • The difference in starting before & after 6 months
  • Combining approaches
  • Considering adult attitudes to food and how this can impact little ones
  • Drinks/milk
  • Snacks
  • Essential nutrients
  • How and when to introduce different food groups
  • What foods to avoid
  • Essential weaning equipment
  • Meal ideas
Who is the workshop suitable for?

This Starting Solids Workshop is suitable from whenever you are ready to think about the next stage with baby. Typically this will be from 3 months plus.

If you have starting feeding your baby solid foods earlier than the recommended guideline of 6 months then this workshop can still provide important education and knowledge.

This workshop can also be valuable if you have starting the solids journey with a baby over 6 months. Learn how to give baby the most confident start to eating solid foods.

Starting Solids Workshop details

Workshops can be delivered online or in person. Please see the dropdown menu for booking availability.

Each attendee will receive a free Starting Solids workbook guide (available to purchase separately for £10) plus access to a private Facebook group that contains further information, recipes and meal ideas.

Feel free to send me an email to discuss any questions or to arrange a private workshop.

If you would like to organise a workshop with friends (min 4 participants) I can deliver in your own home.

Private (1:1) workshops and on-going support available on request.