Mini Babywearing Consultation


This is a great option if you are confident about your babywearing options and would like to check 1 or 2 carriers.

Mini Babywearing Consultation. £15 for 30 minutes.

Clients must be able to travel to AL6 address. Best availability Monday-Wednesday during school hours, some Thursday and Friday afternoons.



This session would be great if you know what you need and want to try 1 or 2 baby carriers.

Or perhaps enough time for fitting check with your own carrier. Help making your carrier more comfortable and secure.

If you wanted to learn how to feed in your sling or carrier, learn a hip carry or an alternative finish with a wrap.

Mini consultations are suitable for one person to try out carries. If two people would like to try then the standard consultation would be the one to pick.

The date and time will be arranged by Jilly once your order is received – generally available Monday-Wednesday during school hours.