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This icons download will help you to consider your choices for birth. These icons are designed to be used to create visual birth plans, which are quick and easy to view – to help the whole birth team be respectful of your wishes.

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Birth Plan Icons or Birth Map Icons

Making a birth plan or a birth map is a really important part of preparing for your birth during pregnancy. Taking time to consider, learn and understand all your options for birth is vital.

The birth plan process should be considered from the second trimester of pregnancy, and time should be taken to explore all elements. Take time to learn the impact of any decisions that you may be faced with during birth. Doing this work early will allow time for discussions with any care professionals.

Getting into the birth room and agreeing to any and all interventions without preparing and understanding beforehand is a dangerous policy. During labour and birth your brain should be concentrating on giving itself over to birth, not thinking about which pain relief option to go for or which intervention to choose.

By using these birth plan icons during pregnancy, they can help you to prepare for any eventuality during labour and birth. They are easy to understand and quick to see what your decisions and choices are.

Each pack of birth plan icons includes:
  • Vaginal birth options
  • Environment
  • Self-help techniques to be used
  • Different forms of pain relief
  • Water births
  • Inductions
  • Plan A, B, C etc.
  • Combining approaches
  • Golden Hour
  • Feeding choice
  • What happens immediately after birth
  • Discovering sex
  • When and who to cut the cord
Who are the icons suitable for?

This birth plan icons download is suitable for all pregnant people and their birth companions.

Consider this download with a 1-2-1 session with me to go through all your options and discuss anything concerning you. Book here

It is vital that preparation is done before birth so that you understand all decisions that may need to be made. Making sure that everybody involved in your birth (you, birth partner, care providers) are knowledgeable about your desires and wishes is of utmost importance. A birth plan made using easy to understand icons allows a quick glance and understanding of your wishes.

This birth plan icons download is the perfect accompaniment to the NHS Birth Plan download. However, their birth plan is an 11 page document. In a busy birth environment, reading an 11 page document is time consuming. A 1-2 page document with easy to understand icons, alongside any important explanations is a much clearer document.

Even if you planning a caesarean, there are so many choices to be made for the way you birth your baby.

Every birth needs a birth plan, or a birth map, to help guide your decisions and choices.

Birth Plan icons download details

Purchase of 1 copy of the CubCare Birth Plan icons download. Click the link in the email to download straight to your device.

Once you have received the icons, carefully consider each element to decide whether it is something you wish to include in your birth or not. Think about different situations and consider making a plan A, B and C.

If you have any non-negotiables within your plans, make sure these are highlighted at the top so that your wishes are immediately clear.

You will receive free access to our Pregnancy and Birth Facebook group too where you can access a range of additional advice and guidance.

Feel free to send me an email to discuss any questions or issues.

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