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Our collection of some of the best free antenatal education and classes you will find in Welwyn Hatfield.

Antenatal education and confidence should be available to everybody, so below is a resource guide including all of my best free resources for antenatal and baby development.



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Wanting to access free antenatal classes, education and support?

Birth and parenting are things we can feel calm and confident about.

This page will give you links to my most valuable education content. The outline, and main educational snippets that I wish everybody would know when preparing for birth and looking after baby.

Because everybody deserves to feel confident and completely prepared for the most common curveballs.

By now, you’ve probably heard all the baby "advice" given by well meaning friends, neighbours, members...medical professionals...

Yes, there is some advice that is welcomed, and useful. But a lot of the stuff is really best approached with a polite nod, whilst simultaneously ignoring them…

I’m absolutely not telling you to ignore medical professionals here…but we all know there’s always one who gives an awful peice of “advice” that immediately makes you lose their trust.

I know this because I’ve been there. And let me tell you, it was talking it through with those who are experiencing the same journey, at the same time, that makes all the difference.

Nobody is on your same path, but there is magic in a group of people coming together to support one another.

You CAN parent your own way. With confidence and knowledge. Feeling in control (at least some of the time!) and with several calming and soothing strategies under your belt.

So you can rock parenting and postnatal recovery, even if the going gets tough.

Jilly has a talent for creating a really welcoming, friendly and safe space which is great for mums and babies alike. The classes are informative and fun, yet relaxed, and centrered around the babies, so it’s fine if one is crying, another is asleep and one is having a nappy change!

Nicola - Baby Massage classes, Welwyn Hatfield.

Jilly is amazing at what she does and has such a nurturing and natural manner with the babies. I have made some fab friends. We have a WhatsApp group where we share all the great, gross, up and downs of parenting. As well as just being friends who are there for each other when we need it. It’s been an awesome place for us all to make new and lifelong friendships. Without Jilly, I don’t think that would of happened.

Stacy - Baby Massage classes, Welwyn Hatfield.

I get it.

People are in different mindsets when it comes to preparing for birth.

Some people prioritise baby showers or babymoons. That’s fine and totally your choice! But considering education and support can make a huge difference to your journey to becoming a parent. We all “wing it”, but it’s easier to do that with some knowledge behind you.

But not everybody is in a position to afford quality support and education – again, I totally get it.

There is a way to get quality education without a high cost though. There IS a chance for you to understand the most important aspects of birth and parenting without spending any money.

Do you want to go towards the birth of your baby with an understanding of your body and the way birth works?

Do you want the lowdown on the medical pain relief options. How they can impact labour but how you can overcome some pitfalls? 

Do you want to 

Here are your free antenatal education resources.

1. Our free Pregnancy and Birth in Welwyn Hatfield guide

2. Start your learning journey – our webinar on the stages of labour

I’ve created this webinar as an overview of the different stages of labour and what you start to need to think about when it comes to birth. This is an introduction, our full antenatal courses go into do much more detail, but it’s a great place to start.

Front cover of Labour and Birth overview webinar. Picture of Jilly and the CubCare logo on a white background with the caption "Introduction to antenatal education. Labour and birth overview"

3. Use our blog

I post a lot of educational blogs on pregnancy and birth and you can find some useful information on there. Use the button below and you can use the search bar to find blogs on “pregnancy” or “hospital” or “labour” or “birth” etc. to bring up all the blogs under that topic.

Or you can use the catagory listed under the title of the blog to bring up all other blogs under that topic.

CubCare blog category selector

4. Download our free guide to being the best birth partner


5. Download our free eBook on expecting another baby


Here’s what else is on offer with CubCare

Couple sitting on a sofa, a pregnant woman front at her partner massaging her back using techniques learnt at a CubCare antenatal class

Antenatal Course

Our groundbreaking hypnobirthing antenatal course. Learn everything you need to know to about birth, recovery and looking after baby. Plus, special bonus classes.

CubCare Antenatal Refresher Course advert. Caption reads CubCare Antenatal Refresher Course. Image is of a girl cuddling her pregnant mum's belly.

Antenatal Refresher Course

If you’re looking for a course for a 2nd/3rd baby then our Refresher Antenatal Course is for you.

Pregnant woman doing a side bend on a yoga mat, facing the camera, at a CubCare Pregnancy Yoga class

Pregnancy Yoga

Join our weekly pregnancy yoga classes for a gentle stretch, a relax and education.

Why Choose CubCare?

I’m Jilly, founder of CubCare. I know the power of good postnatal support, and I have created this course to incorporate the best there is to offer.

I came into this business after not finding a support network locally when I had my first baby. I had to travel to another town to find a class that was open and supportive in the early days. Where everybody was an equal.

I discovered how amazing it is to combine postnatal support and baby classes together. To fulfill needs to parents and babies in one magical class.

What I learned is that when we focus on providing unconditional support for our clients, those clients provide that support to each other; and this cycle continues. And changes lives. 

I dress the classes up as a baby massage class, but honestly, they are something incredibly special. And that is down to you, the clients.

A mum holding her baby above her head and reaching out for a kiss. At the CubCare baby massage Cubs class
Mum sitting on the floor massaging baby who is looking at the camera. At a CubCare Tinies baby massage class
Two mums sitting on the floor smiling whilst looking at their babies who are watching bubbles. At a CubCare Tinies baby massage class

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Jilly Clarke, CubCare owner, smiling to the camera with her daughter beside her