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Babywearing Consultant Welwyn

Carrying your baby is one of the most natural and important things that you will do. Let me, your babywearing consultant guide you through the choices and options available to you.

I offer 1:1 babywearing consultations and babywearing support. These offer you the chance to gain focused guidance and expertise to suit your needs. It also means you can learn at a pace that suits you and your baby.  

During your babywearing consultation this means time to attend to your baby’s needs in a private, relaxed and supportive environment. 

 In the first weeks of your baby’s life being in your arms is the only place that they will want to be. Even as they grow, your arms will be their safe place. Using slings and carriers to help you hold baby makes sense. You will be more comfortable, baby will be more supported and you will have your hands free to do important things…like eating and drinking! 

With so many slings and carriers on offer, and so many different ways to carry baby it can often be overwhelming. You always want to do the best for your baby and make sure you are doing things safely. A babywearing consult allows you to be confident that what you are doing is safe, secure and comfortable for you both.

We have four types of consultations on offer. These can be either in person (around Welwyn, Herts), at your home (within 15 miles of Welwyn, additional charges apply) or online.

I also offer a sling library service through my page Welwyn Slings. You can hire a carrier of your choice to see if it could work for you and your family.

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Baby in cloth sling

Mini Consultation

This session would be great if you know what you need and want to try 1 or 2 baby carriers.

Or perhaps enough time for fitting check with your own carrier. Help making your carrier more comfortable and secure.

If you wanted to learn how to feed in your sling or carrier, learn a hip carry or an alternative finish with a wrap.

Mini consultations suitable for one person to try out carries. If two people would like to try then the standard consultation would be the one to pick.


£15 for 30 minutes

Baby facing forwards in sling

Standard Consultation

This option is for a more focused session. Perhaps you are a little unsure of your needs, or maybe you have a bit of experience but need a little focused help.

Maybe you wanted to try a range of one type of carrier to find the one that suits you best before going ahead to purchase.

Perhaps you’d like to explore ring slings, meh tais or a basic woven front carry.

If two people would like to try 1 or 2 baby carriers, learn to feed or learn a hip carry this is the one for you.


£30 for 1 hour

Small baby asleep in cloth sling front view

Premium Consultation

This is best for those new to carrying. Perhaps you want to learn about and try several different options. Or if you have a newborn and want to start carrying for the first time.

Two hours to go over all the basics of different carriers, carrying safety and benefits of carrying.

If you want to get to grips with woven wraps or learn how to back carry in your wrap or carrier.

Perhaps you would just like time to get into details and to not rush. You could try several different types of carrier and then have time to focus on getting to know one.


£50 for 2 hours

Small baby asleep in cloth sling side view

Bump To Baby Package

Tailored to you, your baby (or babies!) and birth. Our Bump To Baby Package offers you complete peace of mind with regards to safely wearing your little one(s).

Includes 1hr before your baby is here going through all your options and see what may suit your family.

Also includes 1-1.5hrs once your baby is here. We will explore the different options you have of wearing your little one in your chosen sling or carrier.

Included is a complimentary two week hire of any sling or carrier in our library suitable for newborns.


£50 for 2 hours

Say hello and let me help you care for your cub from birth.

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