Active Cubs

A high energy activity class from cruising  to around 2 years old.

Toddler Class Welwyn Garden City 


 CubCare Active Cubs Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn 

 Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn Garden City 

CubCare Active Cubs is a high energy activity class from cruising (around 10 months old – when your baby does not want to sit still and is off exploring) to around 2 years old. A class guaranteed to use up your little ones energy whilst learning!

Each 45 minute session will include songs, toddler yoga, whole body movement (balancing, jumping, throwing), sensory play and more.  Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn Garden City 

Each week we’ll focus on a new physical skill using different props and activities. This engages little ones in challenging activities giving them the opportunity to practice their physical and creative skills whilst having fun. 

The class is a perfect balance of unstructured exploration of the activity stations and leader led activities. Guided by parents/caregiver and helped by Jilly, the class leader, each child will be able to explore in their own way.

 Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn Garden City 

From each class you can expect:
  • Physical activities to promote gross muscle control and skill development, as well as coordination
  • Physical movement stations including play tunnels, sensory stepping stones, balance beams, wobble boards, bean bag throwing, ball bouncing and more
  • Listening and concentration activities to aid language development and patience
  • Child initiated as well as leader led activities to promote turn taking, sharing, cooperation and independence
  • Colour, number and simple letter recognition through the use of games, songs and activities
  • Weather and environmental awareness through games, songs and activities
  • Bubbles!
  • Those of you who have attended our Wrigglers classes will be very familiar with our “What’s In The Box” element of class – the familiarity continues each week but with a difference!

Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn Garden City

Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn  Garden City

When can I attend/How old does baby need to be?

 Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn Garden City 

Babies can attend from when they are cruising (walking around furniture) until they are aged 2.

Our bigger class will then be suitable from this point. If baby is younger then check out our range of younger classes. Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn 


Do I need to sign up to a whole term?

 Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn Garden City 

Babies will benefit tremendously from attending weekly, from the familiar routine, to helping to build friendships and connections. Plus caregiver benefits hugely from this too. We are experienced in getting to know each individual’s favourite ways of learning and can tailor the class to those who attend regularly.

That being said, we know that life sometimes gets in the way. That’s why we offer class pass options – so pay for a group of sessions that are to be used within a set number of weeks. Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn 


What do I need to wear/bring?

You  Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn Garden City 

    • Comfy clothing that you would wear to be active in. For example leggings and a t-shirt/vest
    • Ideally trainers. Please don’t wear flip flops, sandals or heels as they are a trip hazard – please expect to be barefoot/in socks if you arrive wearing these.

Baby  Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn Garden City 

  • Comfy clothing that they can move around in  Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn Garden City 

  • Feeding/Changing supplies  Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn Garden City 


Can I bring twins/multiples?

Yes absolutely! Twins and multiples are always welcome and there is no extra cost. Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn 

Can Dad/Grandma/Nanny/Childminder come?

Cubcare Toddler class Welwyn 

Yes absolutely! We love to have all caregivers in classes and strive to make everyone feel completely welcome. If someone is joining as an additional participant then I appreciate a quick text to ask as space is tight in some venues. Otherwise, if they are happy to come then I’m more than happy to have them!

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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