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A calm, relaxing baby massage and postnatal class for you and baby.

Tinies Baby Massage Cubs is a wonderfully relaxed and sociable first baby class. Focusing on celebrating baby, offering support, education and friendships.

It is the perfect baby massage and postnatal course rolled into one. From newborn to around 3 months.



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This isn’t what you expected it to be like, is it?

If you’re anything like me, you’re experiencing a whole world of emotions right now. From absolute joy, to fear, worry, doubt, exhaustion – the emotions are a never ending rollercoaster.

And not to mention the advice…from how to feed baby, to routines, sleep to comforting. There’s “essential knowledge” everywhere, and in the dead of the night, sometimes it can feel like everybody but you knows the answers!

As overwhelming as it might seem right now, there is a way through the confusion. There IS a chance for you to find your own groove with parenting, enjoy the rollercoaster and find others who understand!

By now, you’ve probably heard all the baby "advice" given by well meaning friends, neighbours, members...medical professionals...

Yes, there is some advice that is welcomed, and useful. But a lot of the parenting stuff is really best approached with caution – learn to trust your instinct and you can rarely go wrong.

I know this because I’ve been there. And let me tell you, it was talking those questions and concerns through with those who are experiencing the same journey, at the same time, that makes all the difference.

Nobody is on your same path, but there is magic in a group of people coming together to support one another.

You CAN parent your own way. With confidence and knowledge. Feeling in control (at least some of the time!) and with several calming and soothing strategies under your belt.

So you can rock parenting and postnatal recovery, even if the going gets tough.

Jilly has a talent for creating a really welcoming, friendly and safe space which is great for mums and babies alike. The classes are informative and fun, yet relaxed, and centrered around the babies, so it’s fine if one is crying, another is asleep and one is having a nappy change!

Nicola - Baby Massage classes, Welwyn Hatfield.

Jilly is amazing at what she does and has such a nurturing and natural manner with the babies. I have made some fab friends. We have a WhatsApp group where we share all the great, gross, up and downs of parenting. As well as just being friends who are there for each other when we need it. It’s been an awesome place for us all to make new and lifelong friendships. Without Jilly, I don’t think that would of happened.

Stacy - Baby Massage classes, Welwyn Hatfield.

Parenting is something we can feel calm and confident about.

This 6 week Baby Massage and postnatal course will teach you everything you need to know, to feel confident and completely prepared for any curveballs.

You’ll learn massage techniques to ease any tummy troubles, to help their growth and development and to have some fun. We’ll spend time discussing bonding, playing and your postnatal recovery too.

Do you want to make some friends in a really laidback, supportive, friendly class?

Do you want to learn about baby and their development, whilst having fun AND getting a bunch of really useful tools and techniques to use at home? 

Do you want meet, and spend time with others who will support your decisions that you make for your own family. without judgement?

It all starts with understanding why movement is such a useful parenting tool.

If in doubt, get moving!

Have you ever wondered why grandparents, or even your partner, can calm baby to sleep with a gentle rock? Or why baby needs to be moved constantly for them to be calm?

It’s all to do with evolution. A caregiver who is standing is more ready to flee danger if something happened. So baby is hardwired to demand this readiness, and is calmer when it happens. It’s also to do with a need to stimulate their internal systems – their balance and internal compass. Movement is vital for them.

Our CubCare Tinies Baby Massage classes cover everything you need to know about baby in those early days. And give you that support network that you really need.

Why Choose CubCare?

I’m Jilly, founder of CubCare. I know the power of good postnatal support, and I have created this course to incorporate the best there is to offer.

I came into this business after not finding a support network locally when I had my first baby. I had to travel to another town to find a class that was open and supportive in the early days. Where everybody was an equal.

I discovered how amazing it is to combine postnatal support and baby classes together. To fulfill needs to parents and babies in one magical class.

What I learned is that when we focus on providing unconditional support for our clients, those clients provide that support to each other; and this cycle continues. And changes lives. 

I dress the classes up as a baby massage class, but honestly, they are something incredibly special. And that is down to you, the clients.

A mum holding her baby above her head and reaching out for a kiss. At the CubCare baby massage Cubs class
Mum sitting on the floor massaging baby who is looking at the camera. At a CubCare Tinies baby massage class
Two mums sitting on the floor smiling whilst looking at their babies who are watching bubbles. At a CubCare Tinies baby massage class

What is included in a CubCare Tinies Baby Massage class?

CubCare Baby Massage Cubs is a relaxed, friendly and very calming first class for your baby.

Each 1.5 hour session will include baby massage and gentle stretching routines, some gentle postnatal movement, calming techniques and relaxation. Baby massage class Welwyn

There is no need to wait for a new term to start, just join when you are ready if there is space. Although attending from the start of the 6 consecutive weeks is recommended to learn all the elements of baby massage and play. Baby massage class Welwyn

You’ll learn how to use massage and movement to aid calming, soothing and connection with your baby.

The class is a perfect balance of time to connect with other parents and time to learn baby massage routines that are incredibly beneficial for both caregiver and baby. Each class also includes developmental play ideas and sensory experiences for you and baby.

Baby massage class Welwyn

From each class you can expect:
  • Full baby massage and yoga routines – taking you through a different part of the body each week
  • Baby massage to help calm, soothe, boost immune function, improve circulation, soothe colic and/or digestive problems and help baby to relax for improved sleep
  • Gentle, age appropriate sensory play 
  • Yoga based movement for mum – to stretch out aches, ease tense muscles and aid your recovery
  • Infant education and support – techniques to support your baby in their next physical and mental milestones
  • Calming and soothing methods – tried and tested techniques that can work!
  • Meet other new mums at the same stage – build that vital support network Baby massage class Welwyn
  • A drink and a snack/biscuit for you – time to take care of yourself! Baby massage class Welwyn

Plus these exclusive bonuses 

No other baby class can match these!


  • Ongoing WhatsApp support – from Jilly and the antenatal group
  • A chance to get a fit check of your existing sling/carrier
  • A chance to try out any stock carriers
  • Access to our online area to extend your knowledge on baby sleep, starting solids, massage, yoga and infant development
  • 10% off a range of baby carriers and slings
  • An exclusive booking window for booking another term of baby classes (either repeat to get a whole new perspective, or move on to our next baby class)

All this for just £66 per term

FAQs about our CubCare Baby Massage Cubs class

When can I attend/How old does baby need to be?

Babies can attend from when they are 4-6 weeks until they are confidently rolling. Our bigger class will then be suitable from this point. You are welcome to continue to attend longer than 6 weeks too, as the class offers so much in terms of support and knowledge.

My baby needs to be held/rocked all the time - is this class suitable?

Absolutely! We completely understand that lots of babies need to be held or rocked a lot of the time. A lot of our class is “in arms”, with plenty of movement games and songs for this very reason. All our massage can be done in arms if baby is in the mood, but we also provide video massage so that you can do it in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

    Getting access to a support network is a really amazing benefit of the class, and that can be done even if you need to move around the room constantly – everybody gets it!
Can I bring twins/multiples?

Yes absolutely! Twins and multiples are always welcome and there is no extra cost. If you wish to bring another adult then please let the teacher know when booking, as some classes have limited space. Otherwise the teacher can adapt activities, or work with you if desired.

What do I need to wear/bring?

You Baby massage class Welwyn

    • Comfy clothing that you would wear to be active in. For example leggings and a t-shirt/vest. Jeans can be a little restrictive.

    • Something comfortable for baby to lie on (a blanket or a yoga mat)

    • You’ll need some organic cold pressed coconut oil, grape seed oil (food grade) or organic cold pressed sunflower oil. If you don’t have these – don’t worry you can do the massage over baby’s clothes

Baby Baby massage class Welwyn

  • Comfy clothing that they can move around in – ideally a separate top and bottoms to allow for easy access for massage

  • Feeding/Changing supplies
What happens if we need to miss a class?

We totally understand that things happen and you may need to miss a class. If we know about it at the time of booking they we may be able to offer a credit towards the next term of class.

If it is a last minute thing then we may be able to offer a space in a different class subject to space.

It is likely though, that spaces will be full, and in that event then unfortunately there is no way to make up the missed class. You will have access to the WhatsApp group and still benefit from all of the online and in person support.

I had a c-section, do I need to wait longer to start?

It all depends how you are recovering, and this is the case for everyone. If you are feeling well then you are more than welcome to join us as soon as you are ready. Make a note of your delivery circumstances in the booking form and Jilly will ensure that if there is anything you need to be careful of, you’ll be given warning.

All of our postnatal movement is extremely gentle and designed to start knitting your core back together and connecting you with your pelvic floor again. There is some elements of moving around with baby, but nothing more strenuous that you will already be doing on a day-to-day basis.

Th Hypnobirthing class Welwyn

Can I bring my partner?

 If you can avoid bringing anybody for the first week, and then check with the teacher, and then if ok, check with the class ahead of time. We need to be mindful that there will be some people attending who haven’t fed in public before and may feel self-conscious.

The class is primarily for one consistent caregiver (usually mum) and baby, so any extra visitors need to be carefully managed.  Hypnobirthing class Welwyn, Hypnobirthing class Welwyn

Is this course good for making local "mummy" friends?

Absolutely! It is the most socialable and friendly class you will go to.

The course is a very laid back and friendly place to be, with plenty of time for discussions, getting to know others and forming connections. 

Connecting others is a large part of the course and each group will have a Whatsapp group set up, and Jilly will recommend places for lunch or a coffee after the class. 

You will also get an exclusive booking opportunity to book in for further terms of baby classes to extend your social group even further.

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