Antenatal Services with Jilly Clarke

Helping you care for your cub throughout your pregnancy and birth

Daisy Birthing™ Active Antenatal Classes

Weekly antenatal classes for Mum only to prepare for birth.

Daisy Birthing™ Active Birth Workshop

A 4-hour workshop to prepare you and your partner for labour.

Daisy Parent™ Antenatal Classes

Prepare together for birth and your baby.

Private Birth And Postnatal Planning Workshops

Formulate your birth plan and understand your options.

Daisy Birthing™ Active Antenatal Classes

You might be thinking about pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing or more traditional antenatal classes and feeling unsure about what offers the best preparation for birth.

Daisy Birthing™ weekly antenatal classes will give you all that and more, in one affordable class. Classes support you on your journey as your baby grows with powerful, practical antenatal education, nourishing support and of course laughter too!

Helping you to stay active in your pregnancy, ease those pregnancy symptoms and prepare you for a confident and calm birth. Classes are informal, lighthearted, empowering, friendly and supportive.

Taught over 6-week terms Daisy Birthing™ can take you right through from 14 weeks pregnant, until you have your baby. Attend as many terms as you like!

Course Details

Each 90 minute class will give you:

  • Flowing yoga-based movement to ease pregnancy ailments and prepare you for birth
  • Breathing techniques for every stage of your birth
  • Information on medical interventions to help inform your choice
  • Active Birth techniques
  • Antenatal education in bitesize chunks each week
  • Peer to peer support in small pregnant person only classes
  • Relaxation techniques and chance to relax every week!
  • Support for all birth choices

Daisy Birthing™ Active Birth Workshop

The Daisy Active Birth Workshop is a perfect way to prepare for labour. A session for pregnant person and their birth partner to attend together to learn tools and techniques for the labour journey. 

It is all about making sure that you are as prepared as possible for the big day and helping to make sure that your birthing partner is going to be the best birthing partner they can possibly be!

The workshop is perfect from the 3rd trimester, around 28 weeks onwards in your pregnancy. Workshops are small and intimate giving both of you the opportunity to ask lots of questions and take a further in depth look at labour. Handouts will be supplied so there is no need to take notes.

Suitable for first, or subsequent babies, this session is a one-off 4 hour workshop packed full of essential information and tips for birth. Not only will you leave feeling prepared for birth but your birth partner will be confident and ready to support you too.

Course Details

Each workshop will cover:

  • The main principles of birth and how to apply them
  • Understand how the body works in birth – the hormones and the anatomy
  • The stages of labour, how you might feel and be acting at each stage
  • Ideas for your birth preferences (plans) as we talk about some of the choices and interventions that might come up
  • Breathing techniques for each stage of labour (and their uses in different birth journeys)
  • Learn about different positions and how to use movement in your birth
  • Lots of ways for your birth partner to support you including massage techniques

These workshops take place every 8 weeks, or you can arrange a private workshop if you prefer.

Daisy Parent™ Antenatal Classes

Are you looking for a way to prepare for birth and baby, together?​

Daisy Parent™ will leave you feeling prepared for your birthing journey and make sure you feel confident about looking after your baby in the early days and weeks. The course prepares first time expectant parents with up-to-date and trusted information. Not only for birth, but for life with your newborn too. Our course is practical, fun and enables you to feel confident, supported and excited about the birth and becoming parents. 

Daisy Parent™ is a 15 hour course taught over 5 weeks in Welwyn Garden City, for you to attend with your partner. We will give you all the education, tools and support you need to be ready for the leap into parenthood.

Course Details

Each course will cover: 

  • Antenatal education – taking you through the labour journey, what will happen and what to expect
  • Active Birth Education – how you can help the journey move along, or even slow it down if needed
  • Movement, breathing techniques and relaxation
  • Massage techniques for pregnancy and labour
  • Parenting choices – getting prepared, birth plans, what to pack, which nappies, to swaddle or not, dummy or no dummy we’ll give you the up to date guidance
  • Understanding and helping your physical and mental recovery
  • Practical babycare and safety
  • Baby calming techniques
  • Advice on understanding normal newborn behaviour
  • Infant Feeding – whatever your feeding goals
  • Information and support to help you make your own birth and parenting decisions 

We run these courses in small groups (up to 6 pairs per course) so you can ask all your questions but still get to know other local expectant parents. A Whatsapp group is set up for each course, an antenatal and postnatal reunion is also organised by the teacher. Full email summaries and handouts are supplied.

Private Birth And Postnatal Planning Workshop

The only thing predictable about giving birth and life with a new baby is that it is unpredictable. You may be okay with the unknown or it may scare you; both feelings are common. 

Just because things can change does not mean that you should go into labour, birth and the postnatal period unprepared. Perhaps you know that you are facing a c-section or an induction and you want to prepare for this with one-to-one support to guide you through creating your birth plan. No matter what birth you are facing there are always choices that can be made. 

If you feel you would like some support to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to prepare you for parenthood I can provide you with information and support. 

We will be able to discuss the potential benefits, risks, and alternatives for different paths. 

Taking place from the comfort of your own home, either via video call or in person. We can formulate a plan together and go through your options for labour, birth and the early days after having your baby. 

I usually offer this in a 2hr session for birth planning, and a 2hr session for postnatal planning. But depending on what support you think you may need this can be adapted to suit you and your timeframe.

Course Details

This will be entirely tailored to you but I can cover topics such as:

  • Choosing where to birth your baby
  • The path to birth
  • Stages of labour
  • Pain relief options
  • Hormones and birth environment, how they play a huge role in labour and birth
  • The importance of having back up plans – and help to form them
  • Comfort measures, best positions, massage, breathing
  • Induction
  • Caesarean
  • Help to formulate a birth plan
  • 4th Trimester
  • Breast feeding/ bottle feeding
  • The early days with your baby.


I’ve done Jilly’s birthing class with both my babies and I can honestly say I would recommend the classes to everyone. Both my children were induced and I was still able to have the calm controlled birth that I’d hoped for. The knowledge and understanding you get of the labour process is so empowering and the breathing and relaxation is just amazing. Thank you Jilly!


Birthing Class

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Jilly, thank you so much for everything you taught during Daisy Birthing & Parent. It honestly made a huge difference to how positive my birth was. My partner was so supportive and prepared thanks to the parent classes. I felt completely in control for the entire 26 hour labour – I just felt so calm, the breaths were incredible and the consultant commented on how she couldn’t believe I’d refused an epidural. I felt confident enough to question and on occasion challenge recommendations of the midwives so that the birth ended up being as natural as possible! A very positive experience to look back on. Thank you!!


My husband and I attended Jilly’s one-day Birthing Workshop (when I was 33 weeks pregnant) and found it to be extremely informative, helpful and fun. We were able to take away some very useful breathing and massage techniques, to help us through labour, and it was really nice to meet some fellow mums-to-be who were at the same stage of pregnancy as me, along with their husbands who also attended the workshop. Jilly was very friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming and so I didn’t hesitate in signing up to her baby classes once my son had arrived.


Birthing Workshop

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all you taught myself and my partner in our classes! I honestly wouldn’t of been able to get through it without the breathing techniques we learnt! And we both felt so in control as we knew all the info and our options!! Thank you again!


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