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Antenatal and Infant classes, education and support. Either in person or on-demand online.

Firstly, huge congratulations! Becoming a parent is a life changing event. From the moment you become pregnant, you want the best for your baby. Whether you are looking for some support, advice, or guidance, I am here to help you.

Which service are you looking for, pregnancy and postnatal in person classes in Welwyn Hatfield, Hertfordshire or online on-demand antenatal and postnatal workshops?

How I can help you

On demand antenatal classes and baby education

Education and support for a confident pregnancy and birth. Using hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga, active birth and evidence based antenatal and baby education.

In person antenatal classes

Education and support for a confident pregnancy and birth. Using hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga, active birth and evidence based antenatal and baby education.

Babywearing support in person and online

Babywearing Basics online course, Babywearing consultations, one to one support, a sling library where you can borrow carriers and Babywearing Dance Classes

In person baby classes

Supportive, fun and educational classes from birth to age 3. Baby massage, baby yoga, baby sign, music and movement. Developing an enjoyment of movement from the start.


It is your journey, your life and your decisions – let me help you find your way.

My unique approach takes the evidence for different pregnancy and parenting techniques to deliver a holistic overview so you can navigate the journey with confidence in yourself.

Every family is unique, and everybody’s parenting journey is individual. There is certainly no one size fits all.

I want you to feel confident and empowered welcoming your baby into the world and parenting them.

I’ll help you link the birthing process to your body so you can understand how preparing in pregnancy can really help in the birthing room. And I'll help you understand how you can work with baby's development, and your own personal needs.

I offer evidence based education to allow you to make informed and confident decisions for your family.

My courses have been developed through extensive training and a decade of experience to bring you the very best of birth preparation and parenting workshops. I have seen the NHS maternity system shift over the past 10 years, there's less time for education. It is more important than ever to take control of your own education when it comes to pregnancy, labour and parenting.

Each antenatal course combines body awareness with pregnancy yoga and body biomechanics, mind and body connection, with hypnobirthing and evidence based antenatal education. My postnatal and baby workshops combine evidence, parenting techniques and

I'm Jilly

I know the power of good antenatal education and postnatal support.

I came into this business after a difficult birth experience with my first, and wanted to find a different way for any future babies I had.

I discovered how amazing it is to combine hypnobirthing and body mechanics science, proper antenatal support and continuity of care. Safe to say, my second birth experience was a world away from my first – and one I still smile about now, 8 years on!

And what I didn't anticipate is how much better my postnatal and parenting experience was, because I'd had a birth where I felt in control.

I've been a hypnobirthing, antenatal and baby class teacher since 2014. I have created this community to incorporate the best there is to offer to expectant and new families.

Jilly Clarke, owner of CubCare Antenatal and Baby, smiling at the camera.

Jilly puts the classes together amazingly and we really enjoyed being part of it. I have made some fab friends. It’s been an awesome place for us all to make new and lifelong friendships. Without CubCare and Jilly, I don’t think that would of happened.

- Stacy, Antenatal and Baby classes

Jilly is knowledgeable and friendly and manages to cram so much into the course which she delivers with a sense of humour and element of fun.

- Jess, Antenatal Course

Jilly has been so helpful and reassuring during these early months of parenthood and during pregnancy. I really can’t recommend Jilly and her classes enough. Jilly creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where mum and baby can thrive. My little one really enjoys the classes in person and online.

- Irene, Pregnancy and Baby classes


Antenatal education and confidence should be available to everybody, so download my best free resources for antenatal and baby development.

Access my most valuable education content. The main education snippets you need to know when preparing for birth and looking after baby.

Because everybody deserves to feel confident and completely prepared for the most common curveballs.

CubCare Labour And Birth Antenatal Class Introduction

Labour and Birth

Watch our introduction to antenatal education webinar, our labour and birth overview - to start your antenatal education journey. Understanding the process, and what you can do to influence it.

CubCare Pregnancy Planner downloadable cover image

Pregnancy Planner

Free Pregnancy Planner to help you prepare for a little one. Prepare your body, your mind, your finances and your home. Get organised, feel good and prepare for an active, positive birth.

CubCare Birth Partner download cover image

Birth Partner Guide

Your ultimate guide to being the best birth partner during pregnancy, birth and recovery. Learn what you need to do, and what you need to learn to be the best birth partner possible.

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