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Whether you are expecting a baby or have a recent addition to your family and are looking for some support, advice, or guidance, I am here to help you.

Helping you care for your cub from pregnancy and through childhood.

Who is behind CubCare?

I am Jilly Clarke, an experienced antenatal, active birth and perinatal educator, postnatal doula, babywearing consultant – and mum to two kids based in Welwyn, Hertfordshire. I am certain that whatever kind of birth and parenting journey you are planning, the tools and techniques offered here will make an undeniable difference to your experience.

CubCare The Parenting Hub logo

Why use CubCare?

Every family is unique, and everybody’s parenting journey is individual. There is certainly no one size fits all.

I want you to feel confident and empowered welcoming your baby into the world. I offer evidence based education to allow you to make informed and confident decisions for your family. Every family is unique, and everybody’s parenting journey is individual. There is certainly no one size fits all.

I offer antenatal and baby classes with The Daisy Foundation, Babywearing consults and advice to get you carrying baby confidently, Starting Solids workshops and I can offer Postnatal Doula services too.

About Jilly Clarke

Hi, I’m Jilly (she/her) and I am mum to two children, a boy born in 2013 and a girl born in 2016. I have been offering pregnancy and postnatal services via The Daisy Foundation range of classes since training in 2014.

Since my daughter started reception in September 2020 I have embarked on additional training to be able to support families even more through the use of babywearing, and offering postnatal support too as a postnatal doula. I teach Daisy classes in Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire but my other services can cover from Mill Hill to Biggleswade, Hemel Hempstead to Hoddesdon.

Please have a look at Services to see what would suit you best. If you need any help or have any questions answered then please get in touch.

My Story

After the birth of my son I felt quite traumatised; it was a fairly straight forward birth on paper but I felt so out of control and unsupported by overstretched medical professionals that it took a while to get over that. I felt unprepared for recovering from birth, let alone a traumatic one.

I found The Daisy Foundation when my son was just shy of 6 weeks and attended Tinies, Wrigglers and what is now Cruisers with the wonderful Keeley in Hertford and Ware. I felt welcomed, remembered and seen in every single class and that is what kept me coming back term after term, and eventually inspiring me to bring the classes to my local area (I lived in North West London at the time). Training in the antenatal side of the business I decided that if it helped me have a different birth with any other children to the one I experienced with my son then it was worth it; but to give others the same benefit would be the icing on the cake.

My priority for every class, workshop, consult and session that I deliver is to make people feel seen, supported and remembered. It can make such a difference during that big personal shift that happens when you become a parent, to feel remembered and supported, to not have to tell your story again and again.

The education that I teach is amazing and wonderful, but the real difference is the support and empowerment I give to clients. It is your journey, your life and your decisions – let me help you find your way.

The phrase “but it was all worth it,” is uttered so often after a difficult birth I often find it difficult to hear, because there is a real chance that your birth did not need to happen that way. That simple phrase can come from a completely genuine feeling of gratitude, and in that case, it is simply wonderful. But often it can feel like somebody dismissing their own difficult journey because it is what you ‘should’ say when the outcome was a healthy baby. The postnatal journey is difficult enough without the guilt of feeling like you should be appreciative of a difficult experience.

All too often pregnancy, birth or the early days with baby will throw you into the unknown and it can be an anxious and stressful time. Couple that with possibly a difficult birth, or feeling alone in the absence of close by friends and family who would usually be there to help and it can be really hard. You might be feeling like you need another pair of hands – and another head to run things by as you figure things out. This is where that postnatal support of a postnatal doula comes in.

I am privileged to be able to walk alongside you as you navigate your options (or help you see your options!) and make your decisions. Everything I offer is judgement free and evidence based so that you are fully equipped to choose the right thing for you and your family.​

Sometimes all it needs is a listening ear and reassurance, sometimes it needs some more research and I am happy to do both. I love learning new things and there is always something new to learn!

My Training

Daisy Foundation Antenatal educator 2015

Daisy Foundation baby teacher 2015

Daisy Foundation Perinatal Educator certificate (DFPE 2017-2018)

Chilled Muma Starting Solids Facilitator course Jan 2021

Slingababy Babywearing consultancy course Jan 2021

Abuela Doula Postnatal Sankofa course June 2021

Study Days and CPD

Little Possums sleep course February 2021

Holistic Sleep Mini Course May 2021

Breastfeeding Update with Sarah March IBCLC, 2017

Microbirth screening and discussion with Michel Odent, 2014


Fabulous group and a great way to meet other mums who know exactly what you’re going through! Jilly is warm and puts you at ease immediately.


Baby Classes

Jilly puts the classes together amazingly and we really enjoyed being part of it. I have made some fab friends. We have a WhatsApp group where we share all the great, gross, up and downs of parenting. As well as just being friends who are there for each other when we need it. It’s been an awesome place for us all to make new and lifelong friendships. Without the Daisy foundation and Jilly, I don’t think that would of happened.


Baby Classes

Jilly has been so helpful and reassuring during these early months of parenthood and during pregnancy. I really can’t recommend Jilly and her classes enough. Jilly creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where mum and baby can thrive. My little one really enjoys the classes in person and online.


Pregnancy and Baby Classes

Jilly is knowledgeable and friendly and manages to cram so much into the course which she delivers with a sense of humour and element of fun.


Antenatal Class

Say hello and let me help you find your own way to care for your cub!

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