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The Positive Pregnancy Planner – plan for a positive pregnancy and birth.

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1 Jun, 2024

Plan for a positive pregnancy and birth – our pregnancy planner will help

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Congratulations! You’re embarking on the incredible journey of parenthood. Planning in pregnancy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. While it might seem easier to wait and see what comes next, a little preparation throughout your pregnancy can make a world of difference – for you, your partner, and your future little one. Spreading it out into manageable chunks throughout your pregnancy can make everything seem more manageable.

You need to consider your physical and mental preparation just as much (if not more!) than your home and lifestyle preparations. We’ve created a free downloadable pregnancy planner to help you to understand how important it is to spend time planning in pregnancy across all avenues.

Download our Positive Pregnancy and Birth Planner

Top Tips for planning in pregnancy – splitting things up

Splitting the research, education and essential activities into manageable chunks over a period of months can make a huge difference to your preparation. Knowing what to focus on and when can help to make the jobs seem more manageable.

No matter how much, or how little time you have before baby arrives, spending some time organising the jobs can really pay off.

Split things into:

Physical preparation – both for your body, your mind, and for your home/life.

Spending time on getting your body into the best shape for birth and recovery.

Consistent pockets of mindful movement throughout the day can pay off by balancing your body, easing out tension and strains. This consistent movement can lead to a more comfortable pregnancy, and potentially an easier birth and recovery.

When your body is balanced, baby has a better chance of getting into a good position for birth, which can make everything more efficient. And an easier birth can lead to an easier recovery too. All by planning in 5 minutes of movement every day during your pregnancy. Our Pregnancy Planner can help you to schedule in the useful movement.

Mental preparations will include planning for birth, understanding exactly what happens during birth and your choices. Preparing mentally can also include spending time on relaxation, on understanding what you can do to help yourself during pregnancy and birth.

Planning in 5 minutes of mindful relaxation, or learning breathing techniques, or other useful techniques that have scientific evidence for helping during labour. Our Pregnancy Planner will help you to start thinking about birth, about your choices, your feelings and to set aside time for practicing really useful techniques.

Education – learning about pregnancy, birth, feeding and baby development

 Then segment preparations into:

Daily – Ideally 30 minutes of movement (walking, swimming, yoga, dancing, training etc.) – break it down into two 15-minute blocks if necessary.

Daily – 5-minute pockets of body preparation for pregnancy, birth and recovery. Moves like pelvic tilts, pelvic floor exercises and releases, psoas releases, movement to ease out tension are really good, quick wins to practice.

Try pelvic tilts whilst brushing your teeth, pelvic floor exercises whilst doing your make-up/skincare, a 5-minute tension releasing yoga routine before bed.

Daily – 5 minutes of breathing practice. Slow, deep breaths can calm your mind and body so practice The Glide breath for at least 5 minutes daily.

Daily – Allow for time for relaxation. Whether it is just the 5 minutes of breathing practice, or listening to a guided relaxation, spending some time in the bath, reading a book or listening to your favourite music. Don’t underestimate the importance of allowing your body and mind to relax and switch off.

Daily – hydration. Keep hydrated! Keep drinking as it makes such a difference.

Daily – Education. Pick a topic such as induction, or hormones, c-sections or recovery. Spend some time each day with smaller chunks of learning instead of cramming in hours of education and getting overwhelmed.

Download our Positive Pregnancy Planner

Thinking about the future with the Pregnancy Planner

Future Planning is important to think about as soon as you reasonably can in pregnancy. Planning what you want the future to look like, what you want your birth and postnatal period to look like, how you want to parent, and importantly financially planning to afford your new life. Planning short sessions into most days is easier to digest than longer cramming sessions. But you know yourself and the way you work best. Our free Pregnancy Planner can help you to think about all the different aspects you need to consider.

Try to block out sections of time to different elements of preparation. Financial planning and learning about birth and everything you can do to help yourself prepare for these things should come first. Don’t leave these things to the last minute because these things in particular need careful planning and a long-term preparation strategy.

Financial planning: Discuss budgeting and potential financial changes with your partner.

Prenatal education: Learn about pregnancy, childbirth, baby care, and feeding. Understand what you can do to improve your chances of things being straightforward. Understand when to take Antenatal Classes and what to look for. Learn how to create mindset shifts to achieve your goals. Understand what your goals are; what hurdles you have to get across (medical, physical, family history, family attitudes, partner attitudes…).

Postnatal planning: You really need to take some time during pregnancy to think about the early days of parenting and getting prepared.

Parenting planning: Spend time thinking about how you want to approach parenting. Look at your childhood and get your partner to as well. Discuss things you loved about your upbringing, and things you don’t want to replicate. Research different parenting techniques and discover which aspects of these techniques resonate with you.


Shopping for essentials: This is often the first thing people do, because it is exciting, and it often comes with big bills that people want to spread over a few months. A car seat, a baby carrier or sling, something for them to sleep in, clothes, gadgets – it doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive by shopping savvy. And it shouldn’t come above the planning aspects above.

Research childcare options: If you are planning on going back to work after your maternity leave, start exploring nurseries, nannies, childminders or family support options during pregnancy. Waiting lists for nurseries, for example, are often long.

Hospital bag packing: Pack essentials for yourself and the baby for your hospital stay. Have a bag for 1-2 nights that comes with you, another for 1-2 nights that stays in the car, and extras of everything at home by the front door so they are easy to pick up if needed.

Prepare your home: Baby-proof your living space and set up a nursery (if desired). Often, the nesting instinct kicks in and home renovations or moving home become top priority – it can be a very strong desire so lean into it and do what you need to do, whilst also preparing your body and mind for baby – because a nicely decorated hallway won’t help you recover from birth.

Create a baby registry: Start adding essential items for your baby’s arrival if people want to buy things for you a list is a great place to send them to.

Why use our Pregnancy Planner to plan ahead?


Think of pregnancy planning as building a secure foundation for your new family. By taking early proactive steps throughout your pregnancy, you can:

Make informed decisions: Taking the time to research empowers you to choose what’s right for you and your baby. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to birth, newborn care, postnatal recovery, feeding, transportation, medical care, vaccinations, parenting, sleep…the list goes on, and on, and on. We’ll start your journey off with this pregnancy planner.

Prepare your body: By focusing on daily movement, healthy eating, and relaxation, you create the best environment for both you and your baby. Your lifestyle and habits (not necessarily bad habits, but movement habits for instance) can lead to imbalances in your body both physically and nutritionally. Physical imbalances can have a big impact on the pregnancy and birth journey and can take a while to balance out. So, starting your physical preparations for birth early could help baby to have an easier journey into the world. Inside our Pregnancy Planner you have 30 movement ideas to help get you started in preparing your body.

Prepare mentally and emotionally: Educating yourself early about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood allows you to face challenges with confidence. By starting early, you have time to consider your own birth and childhood, to work out what you want to take forward from your own childhood and what you’d like to change. You’ll have time to consider how you want your birth, postnatal period, and your parenting journey to look like and research how to get what you want. Our Pregnancy Planner includes 30 prompts to help kick-start your mental and emotional planning.

Reduce financial anxieties: Budgeting for prenatal care, maternity leave, bills, childcare, and baby supplies helps you feel financially secure during a potentially stressful time. These can be tricky conversations and our Pregnancy Planner gives your prompts to help start the conversations.

Feel empowered: Taking charge of your choices early fosters confidence as you navigate this exciting phase. Knowing that using our Pregnancy Planner to carve out time for preparing and getting organised will truly help you feel more empowered.

Strengthen your support network: Discussing expectations with your partner, family, and friends builds a village to help raise your child. Early preparation leads to your confidence, which can lead to your wider network appreciating and understanding your choices more.

Find a local antenatal refresher course, a class for people pregnant and expecting baby number 2, 3, 4 or even beyond. Meet other people who are expecting another baby at a similar time to you, to share advice and go through it together. Take some time out for this pregnancy, this baby, and prepare for this birth.

You’ll find more on this in our eBook.

Download our free CubCare Pregnancy Planner

Your pregnancy planner for a confident pregnancy

Everybody is different when it comes to preparing – some like to procrastinate and then get everything done on a deadline – but when it comes to preparing your body, mind, home, and finances for a new family, it pays to take things little by little.

The urge to cram everything into the third trimester is understandable. But trust us, spreading out the planning in manageable chunks is far less overwhelming.

Remember, by taking proactive steps throughout your pregnancy, you can build a strong foundation for an informed parenthood experience. Break down larger goals into bite-sized tasks, celebrate your progress, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. To make your planning even easier, we’ve created a downloadable pregnancy planner filled with checklists, resources, and helpful prompts. Simply sign up using the box below and we’ll send the Pregnancy Planner straight into your inbox!

For a more in-depth exploration of pregnancy and childbirth, consider booking our self-paced online antenatal course. We have a course for first time expectant parents, and a unique Refresher Course, which focuses on those expecting their second (and beyond) babies.

Both Antenatal Courses are self-paced, contain short modules from planning to movement, feeding to changing nappies. Our Refresher Course has modules on preparing for a different birth, unpacking your previous birth and what you want to do differently or the same this time. We discuss in short videos and text all about your different birthing options, how movement and hypnobirthing tie into every possible birth situation, and we spend a lot of time preparing, and building bonds between your children and your new baby.

Equip yourself with knowledge and feel empowered as you embark on this incredible journey!

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