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Pregnancy and Birth in Welwyn Hatfield Guide

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27 Nov, 2023

Pregnancy and Birth in Welwyn Hatfield

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Huge congratulations!

I’m guessing you are here because you live, or are planning on living in Welwyn Hatfield and also find yourself expecting a baby.

It can be a culture shock, entering a new world that you’ve never been part of before. And it’s a world full of so much information with so much at stake. It can be a lot!

Hospital appointments, scans, Drs – perhaps more interaction with the NHS that you’ve ever experienced before.

Some knowledge and preparation can make pregnancy, birth, and welcoming a new baby a really positive experience!

Download our free ebook, helping you to understand what you need to know about pregnancy and birth in Welwyn Hatfield!

Image of a pregnancy text lying on a baby scan photo. Caption reads CubCare Pregnancy and Birth Guide for Welwyn Hatfield

You have so much choice living in Welwyn Hatfield

If you think ahead to birth, you might picture a birth straight from film or television. A hospital room surrounded by machines and doctors.

But living in Welwyn Hatfield you have a wealth of choice when it comes to giving birth.

You could choose Lister hospital, the Midwife Led unit there or a more medicalised setting of the Consultant Led Unit. You could also choose Barnet Hospital, not too far down the A1M. They also benefit from a midwife led centre, a consultant led unit, and 24hr visiting for partners.

You could even choose a homebirth under the Lister team and welcome your baby in your own space.

The free ebook will give you an amazing start to thinking about your pregnancy and birth, but here are some extra tips that are always useful to remember.

Image of a pregnancy text lying on a baby scan photo. Caption reads CubCare Pregnancy and Birth Guide for Welwyn Hatfield

Tip 1 

Do your research – don’t assume that the most common place of birth, medical path or even the first antenatal classes that come up on Google are right for you.

  • Learn about the process of labour and delivery – understand what different stages look like, what might be offered or suggested, and get knowledgeable about medical necessity versus “policy”
  • During labour is not the time for learning about an induction, or an instrumental delivery – get fully informed and make your decisions ahead of time. Yes, things might change – but that’s why you’ll have a plan A, B, C and maybe even a plan D!
  • Attend antenatal classes. Do your research into Antenatal classes…being told the medical process without being given tools to help, and even help avoid certain things is not a good antenatal class…

Tip 2 

Learn abour birth. Learn about the complex interplay between hormones, and how to override things that might crop up to ruin this balance. Understand how your body plays a really important role – and modern day life is often making things really difficult.

Knowing this, and practicing simple moves can make a huge difference.

Stress hormones play havoc with birth hormones – and we want to keep birth hormones flowing.

  • Learn the three main principles for preparing for birth – you’ll find them in the eBook.
  • Get your birth partner on board and get them to understand how important their job is (we have a whole eBook, and an antenatal class on their job!)
  • You are completely capable of birthing your baby – doing it your way. The medical world is there to help if things need a little help. But you are more than capable, given the right tools and preparation.

You’ll find more on this in our ebook.

Image of a pregnancy text lying on a baby scan photo. Caption reads CubCare Pregnancy and Birth Guide for Welwyn Hatfield

Tip 3 – a free tip for being the ultimate birth partner

“Hugs before drugs” is one of my favourite sayings in our antenatal classes. Be the comfort guru, offering physical and emotional support – and some movement knowledge – before going for the hardcore pain relief measures. There is nothing wrong with them, but a cuddle and a massage can honestly perform miracles.

  • Have drinks and snacks on stand-by to keep energy levels up – there’s a top tip for keeping bladders empty in our ebook!
  • Breathe with them – be familiar with any breathing techniques they have been practicing. Understand their rhythms because if stress levels start rising the best thing you can do is to breathe with them, and encourage them back into calm. They can keep you calm too!
  • Massage – learn massage techniques that can help in labour. A soft touch massage can help release endorphins and help with discomfort, holding different parts of the body can provide significant comfort during contractions – but you need to know how, why and where. And you need to practice these during pregnancy so you can work together to create a bank of useful comfort measures for labour.

Do your research, be prepared and learn how to be the best birth partner you can be.

This isn’t just a one-day thing, birth stays with you, with your partner and with baby for a very long time. A positive experience will help everybody off to the best start.

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