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Helping you confidently carry your cub.

Babywearing Online Course

Babywearing for Beginners is an online Babywearing Course, full of everything to get you confidently wearing and carrying your baby.

Babywearing Consultations

Get support to learn how to carry your baby in a sling/carrier

Sling Library

Browse and borrow a sling or carrier through our sister site

Babywearing Dance classes

Enjoy carrying your baby as you attend a fun, sociable dance class.

Babywearing for beginners – online self-paced course

Babywearing for Beginners is an online Babywearing Course, full of everything to get you confidently wearing and carrying your baby. Led by our trained babywearing consultant Jilly.

Babywearing consultations

1:1 babywearing consultations and babywearing support. These offer you the chance to gain focused guidance and expertise to suit your needs. It also means you can learn at a pace that suits you and your baby.  

With so many slings and carriers on offer, and so many different ways to carry baby it can often be overwhelming. You always want to do the best for your baby and make sure you are doing things safely. A babywearing consult allows you to be confident that what you are doing is safe, secure and comfortable for you both.

We have four types of consultations on offer. These can be either in person (around Welwyn, Herts), at your home (within 15 miles of Welwyn, additional charges apply) or online.

CubCare Babywearing Dance classes

A fun and sociable parent and baby class. Suitable for those with babies from around 8 weeks (12 weeks post caesarean delivery). Carry your baby in a sling or carrier and enjoy some fun movement to great tunes. Expect lots of laughter, a really welcoming and non-judgmental space and leave feeling confident & full of joy.

Classes run on a PAYG or block booking basis – no termly fees to worry about, just book the class you want.


Sling Library – Welwyn Slings

Browse and borrow from a selection of slings and carriers from 1 week to 3 months.

Choose whether you’d like a stretchy wrap, ring sling, woven wrap, semi-structured or structured carrier for your baby. 

You can collect at your convenience and receive tips for making the carrier comfortable and secure for both you and baby.

Carriers range from newborn to pre-schooler size.



I’ve done Jilly’s birthing class with both my babies and I can honestly say I would recommend the classes to everyone. Both my children were induced and I was still able to have the calm controlled birth that I’d hoped for. The knowledge and understanding you get of the labour process is so empowering and the breathing and relaxation is just amazing. Thank you Jilly!


Birthing Class

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Jilly, thank you so much for everything you taught during Daisy Birthing & Parent. It honestly made a huge difference to how positive my birth was. My partner was so supportive and prepared thanks to the parent classes. I felt completely in control for the entire 26 hour labour – I just felt so calm, the breaths were incredible and the consultant commented on how she couldn’t believe I’d refused an epidural. I felt confident enough to question and on occasion challenge recommendations of the midwives so that the birth ended up being as natural as possible! A very positive experience to look back on. Thank you!!


My husband and I attended Jilly’s one-day Birthing Workshop (when I was 33 weeks pregnant) and found it to be extremely informative, helpful and fun. We were able to take away some very useful breathing and massage techniques, to help us through labour, and it was really nice to meet some fellow mums-to-be who were at the same stage of pregnancy as me, along with their husbands who also attended the workshop. Jilly was very friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming and so I didn’t hesitate in signing up to her baby classes once my son had arrived.


Birthing Workshop

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all you taught myself and my partner in our classes! I honestly wouldn’t of been able to get through it without the breathing techniques we learnt! And we both felt so in control as we knew all the info and our options!! Thank you again!


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