CubCare Postnatal Course – Barnet/Potters Bar

CubCare Postnatal Course is 2 hours long and are suitable from birth to around 7 months.

Sessions cover: Babywearing, Infant Sleep, Starting Solids, Infant play and development, All about you.

Use the dropdown menu to book your desired course start date. You can also book workshops individually where space allows – please contact me on for more information

Classes run weekly, Monday mornings at a venue close to Barnet and Potters Bar.

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CubCare Postnatal Course Barnet and Potters Bar

Our wonderful CubCare Postnatal course in Barnet Potters Bar helps to give you confidence in the early months with baby. Over 4 or 5 weeks you will gain insight into a range of important topics delivered by our knowledgeable and highly trained infant specialist. You will also meet a wonderful group of likeminded parents to support you. Postnatal course Barnet Potters Bar.

You will get knowledge and insight of a range of topics including baby wearing, starting solids, infant sleep up to 1 year, infant development and postnatal recovery. Learn from the experts but also find confidence that you are already doing an amazing job!

By joining our postnatal course in Barnet and Potters Bar you will gain connections and friendships that will last much longer than your course. Each two hour session will have time dedicated to catching up with others and seeing how the week has gone. Plus you will have a dedicated Whatsapp group to remain in contact between and long after classes have ended. Postnatal course Barnet Potters Bar.

What's included?

Our schedule of classes will change each term but each block of sessions will include a session on each of the below topics. Each two hour session will include refreshments, expert education and advice, a group Whatsapp Group, free Infant Sleep and Starting Solids workbooks (worth £10 each) and a discounted 2 week sling or carrier hire from Welwyn Slings.

What do you cover?

Baby wearing - a run down of the basics, safety, positioning, benefits, different types, plus a discount off a two week hire of your choice

Infant sleep - sleep hygiene, circadian rhythms, sleep hormones, naps, transitions, safe sleep, schedules and more. Plus an informational download worth £10. Postnatal course Barnet Potters Bar.

Starting Solids - baby-led weaning, spoon/puree feeding, signs of readiness, the difference in starting before & after 6 months, combining approaches, drinks/milk, essential nutrients, what foods to avoid, essential weaning equipment, meal ideas. Plus an informational download worth £10

Infant play/development - baby’s senses (taste, touch, hearing, smell, vision, proprioception, vestibular and interception) and learning how to use those senses in play. Postnatal course Barnet Potters Bar.

The importance of tummy and side lying time – and playing in those positions, communication – talking to baby, first signs to use with your baby, understanding their cues, how your baby’s brain develops through the first 6-12 months, laying the foundations of your parenting style from the beginning. Postnatal course Barnet Potters Bar.

All about you - physical recovery from birth – the 4th trimester, caesarean or birth injury recovery, getting back into exercise, discussion around birth stories (there is never any pressure to share) and how to access help to navigate difficult feelings surrounding baby’s birth, tips for taking time for yourself, working on how to find out who you are now, how to navigate changing relationships with your partner or other family members

When is it?

Each session takes place on a Monday. The start dates will be included in the drop down menu above, with other sessions running on a weekly basis after this. Postnatal course Barnet Potters Bar.

Where is it?

Our Barnet and Potters Bar Postnatal course takes place at a venue close to Barnet and Potters Bar. Postnatal course Barnet Potters Bar.

Parking is available.  Postnatal course Barnet Potters Bar.

How much is it?

Our Barnet and Potters Bar Postnatal course is £65 for the 4 weeks or £80 for 5 weeks. Postnatal course Barnet Potters Bar.

Discounts available for those who have attended a Daisy Foundation class with Jilly in Welwyn Hatfield. Either antenatal classes with The Daisy Foundation or a Daisy Baby class.

Facilitated by Jilly, a leading local teacher with 8 years experience working with new parents and families. She is a trained perinatal educator, with extensive infant development knowledge. Jilly is a fully trained babywearing consultant, a starting solids facilitator and a holistic sleep coach.

Additional information

Course start date

24th April, 5th June