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Helping you care for your cub from birth

Postnatal Doula Services around Welwyn, Herts

Postnatal Doula Welwyn 

Bringing your baby home for the first time is a wonderful and life-changing experience but it can often feel a daunting or overwhelming. Postnatal doula Welwyn 

I can be there to give you help after the birth and to ensure you are supported both practically and emotionally, allowing you to adjust at your own pace to life with a new-born.

I offer no judgement, but instead am there to provide the evidence so that you can make the decisions that are the best fit for your family.

If nights have taken a toll I can offer ad-hoc overnight support to help everyone get some much needed rest.

A postnatal doula supports families in the early days (and sometimes beyond!) when they are finding their feet with their new family member. Postnatal Doula Welwyn

It may be your first baby, or perhaps you have older children at home. A postnatal doula helps slot things together whilst everyone recovers. Postnatal doula Welwyn

Postnatal doulas provide emotional as well as practical support. We hold the space as you explore your new roles, and provide a helping hand where required.

After getting in contact with me I offer a free 1-hour consultation in your home or over the phone/video call so we can talk about the kind of help you think you need or will need when baby arrives. This gives us time for you to ask questions and see that we get on, and you feel comfortable with me. This is usually done antenatally, but if you find me once you have had the baby then it can often be a bit easier to pin point what you need help with!

I operate within a maximum 15 mile radius of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Postnatal doula Welwyn

I have a wealth of experience with two children of my own, and I have been teaching antenatal and baby classes with The Daisy Foundation for over eight years. Postnatal doula Welwyn.

My postnatal doula services vary depending on the kind of support you require but below are just a few examples of how I can help you care for your cub in the early days.

I am a trained babywearing consultant and a holistic sleep coach, so I am well placed to help you with many common issues you might be facing. I have good links with other professionals in the area so can provide well rounded support for any issues in the early days with baby. Postnatal doula Welwyn.


Mother holding new born use postnatal doula welwyn
Baby on back with holding mother's hands

I can give guidance and support with breast feeding and formula feeding

I can support you with  the routine care of your baby: bathing, changing, feeding, settling etc…

I can look after your baby while you take a well-earned nap! Or why not have a bath or take a little time out for yourself or spend time with older siblings.

I can accompany you on baby’s first outings, i.e. to the clinic, the shops or even for a coffee and a chat.

I can offer a friendly non-judgmental ear supporting you emotionally and practically.

I can do light tidying e.g. putting a wash on, tackling the washing up in the sink.

Say hello and let me help you care for your cub from birth.

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