CubCare postnatal course

Helping you confidently care for your cub in the early months with the must do postnatal course in Welwyn Hatfield or Barnet/Potters Bar.



The CubCare Postnatal Course Welwyn


The CubCare Postnatal Course is designed to bring the best education, support and friendship. Suitable for those with babies up to 7 months. Cubcare Postnatal course.

You will learn huge amounts, with topics specially selected from my knowledge of what new parents want to know. From 8 years of teaching antenatal and baby classes and having two little people myself, plus lots of training! Cubcare Postnatal course.

There will be a session on baby wearing (you will be holding your baby until they are almost at school so it makes sense to be comfortable right?), baby sleep, infant first aid, starting solids, baby play and development and a session all about you. Your postnatal recovery, returning to exercise, how to feel like yourself for a bit.

Run over 4 or 5 weeks you will get the best there is in terms of education. But if you are unable to commit to a whole course then you will be able to book the individual sessions too – just message me for details. Cubcare postnatal course.

Each session will be 2 hours long with refreshments and electronic guides for our starting solids and sleep sessions (RRP £10 each)

See dropdown menus below to get in depth information about what will be covered in each session. Dates for each session within your chosen course will be given on the booking page. Postnatal course Welwyn

Each session takes place:

Welwyn – Howlands Baptist Church on a Friday at 11.30am

Barnet/Potters Bar – TBC

Each session is limited to 10 new parents with their babies so advanced booking is essential. Cubcare postnatal course.


Starting Solids session
Postnatal course Welwyn

Weaning. Starting solids. Just as you think you have this parenting lark figured out, you can sort of understand what your baby wants and needs, then life sends a curveball, and you have to start thinking of a whole new phase – starting to introduce you baby to solid foods.

There are so many books, websites and magazines giving your conflicting advice, not to mention the well-meaning comments from friends and family. It is hard to know where to start!

When should you start? What meal should you start with? Baby rice?! What about the foods labelled ‘from 4 months? Do I need to start early if my baby is big? Do you need special equipment? How much milk does my baby need? Do they need water? Is there anything I can’t give? Puree or finger foods? Or lumpy food? What about spices? How can I make sure my baby isn’t a fussy eater? What about allergies? Will I give my baby a sweet tooth if I start with fruits? What even is baby-led weaning?


  • Baby-led weaning
  • Spoon/puree feeding
  • Signs of readiness
  • The difference in starting before & after 6 months
  • Combining approaches
  • Drinks/milk
  • Essential nutrients
  • What foods to avoid
  • Essential weaning equipment
  • Meal ideas
0-1 year sleep session

postnatal course welwyn

Ah, sleep. It is such a hot topic when it comes to babies. There are so many books, websites and magazines giving your conflicting advice, not to mention the well-meaning comments from friends and family. It is so hard to trust your instincts and listen to baby. postnatal course welwyn

When should they be sleeping through the night? How many day time naps do they need? Do naps need to be in a dark room?! What is safe sleep? What schedule should they be on? When will my baby nap for 2 hours straight? How can I make my baby sleep longer? How can I get them to sleep in their own cot? postnatal course welwyn

Honestly, I can’t give you the magic answer to these questions but I can help you feel confident in what is normal infant behaviour. Setting expectations and understanding that sleep needs change throughout the first year and beyond can help so much. postnatal course welwyn postnatal course welwyn postnatal course welwyn 

This session will give you the latest evidence-based information so you can make the best-informed choices for you and your baby. We will keep it simple, answering all your questions along the way. postnatal course welwyn 

Babywearing session
  • Benefits of baby wearing – how carrying your baby in a sling or carrier can benefit you both
  • Safety aspects of baby wearing
  • Positioning your baby correctly postnatal course welwyn 
  • We’ll cover questions such as – When can you forward face? When can you back carry? How long can you carry for per session? What age do you stop babywearing? 
  • We’ll take a look at different types of carriers that are on offer – there are a lot of other choices than the big name baby carriers! postnatal course welwyn 

This session will adapt to the needs of the group and will change depending on what the group require. Please feel free to bring along your existing carrier or sling and we can trouble shoot on the day if there are issues – sometimes it is only a small tweak required to make a sling or carrier much more comfortable.

Every attendee will receive a discount off a two week sling or carrier hire from Welwyn Slings. 


Baby play and infant development session
  • Baby’s senses (taste, touch, hearing, smell, vision, proprioception, vestibular and interception) and learning how to use those senses in play 
  • The importance of tummy and side lying time – and playing in those positions
  • Communication – talking to baby, first signs to use with your baby
  • Understanding their cues 
  • How your baby’s brain develops through the first 6 months
  • Laying the foundations of your parenting style from the beginning

This session will have a guest speaker or a demo from either baby sign, baby massage or baby yoga.

All about you session

This session is all about you. Your physical recovery and mental adaptation to becoming a parent, sharing the ups and downs with others going through the same thing. The needs will change depending on the group but topics might include:

  • Physical recovery from birth – the 4th trimester, caesarean or birth injury recovery, getting back into exercise
  • Discussion around birth stories (there is never any pressure to share) and how to access help to navigate difficult feelings surrounding baby’s birth
  • Tips for taking time for yourself
  • Working on how to find out who you are now
  • How to navigate changing relationships with your partner or other family members

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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