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Babywearing for beginners online course

The ultimate newborn babywearing how-to course


A self-paced online course taking you through everything you need to know when considering carrying your baby. 

From choosing the right carrier for you, how-to guides, troubleshooting, getting the right fit for you and baby, learning to feed in a carrier, carrying twins, carrying a newborn and a toddler – we have it all here.

This is everything you need to know about carrying and babywearing.

You know that babywearing is great, but you don’t know where to start?

You’re an expectant parent who wants to prepare the very best way you can, or a new parent needing a solution for getting 5 minutes with two hands!

You’ve seen the endless different types of slings and carriers and every option just adds to the confusion! How can a huge piece of fabric wrapped around you create a safe carrier?! How can all the straps and buckles be comfortable?!

As overwhelming as it might seem right now, and as much as the big brand marketing might have you believe, you don’t need to choose just one to take you through from baby to toddler.


With all the options available to buy, it can be overwhelming. Let me tell you why spending some time with an expert is a great idea.

The world of babywearing can seem confusing. The picture perfect images of babies in wraps might look super cosy, but when you realise it means wrestling with metres of fabric it can be a scary prospect!

You might look on Amazon and think the first page of carriers that come up are the best options around.

You might even look at the adverts on parenting websites and think that the brands with the big marketing budgets are the best.

Let me tell you, as a babywearing consultant who’s helped hundreds of families find their confidence with babywearing – none of these things are true!

The world of babywearing can seem confusing, but the only thing that matters is that you can access support to find the best solution for you. You can both be comfortable, happy and confident with carrying your baby. Making use of one of the best parenting tools avaliable to us.

Jilly was amazing from start to finish.  She helped and guided me whilst also being super engaging with my son which I loved. She has really boosted my confidence with baby wearing and gave me a good taste of different ways to wear my little one which I am very grateful for. Thank you again 🙂

Lindsey - Online babywearing consultation

Jilly was great at giving us the basic information and then delving in deeper on the carriers we were interested in. She was very informed on the pros and cons of each, as well as price points and recommended ages of use. It was everything we needed and more! We feel far more informed and are looking forward to trying out the slings we hired, and eventually buying our own.

Natalie - Babywearing online course and consultation

Babywearing is one of the best parenting tools out there

This self-paced fully comprehensive online course will take you through all the options you have when it comes to babywearing your newborn. 

We’ll go through all the different types of carriers, the pros, the cons, the tips and tricks. There are step by step videos, advice on troubleshooting, guidance on feeding in carriers, and of course all the safety information you need.

This course is like having a private babywearing consultation – but you can dive into it at 3am – for 2 minutes here and there – and listen and read at your own pace!

Would you love to use a carrier, sling or wrap to carry your baby – but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to avoid the often costly (time and money) mistakes by buying a sling or carrier that might not be a good fit for you and your life?

Do you want to be guided step-by-step to work out what the best fit is for your specific circumstances?

It all starts with understanding that babies are designed to be carried – it is their biology to need to be close to a caregiver

When you understand that babies need to be held close, to feel secure, loved and connected to someone, we can turn our perceptions of baby carriers away from transportation and towards an expression of love.

Carrying baby close is allowing baby to interact with the world on their terms. By being held against a lovely caregiver, they can explore 

Babywearing can be easy and comfortable for you both, and an amazing toold for bonding – not just a fashion accessory.

Why Choose a CubCare Newborn Babywearing course?

I’m Jilly, founder of CubCare. I know the power of good babywearing education, and I have created this course to incorporate the best there is to offer.

I have been a Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Yoga and Baby class teacher for the past 9 years. I’m a mum of two, and I carried both of my babies.

After teaching thousands of parents-to-be and new parents the joys of the newborn bubble, I expanded my offering to babywearing in 2021. Since then I have taught hundreds more families to enjoy the freedom and bonding that comes from babywearing.

To see a family with an expectation of buying a mainstream buckle carrier and explore the convenience and joy of a ring sling, or setting a family up with knowlege to wrap a baby in a stretch or woven wrap – it is the best feeling to see how confident people can feel when their baby is held snuggly and securely.

I created this course to reach hundreds more families as quickly as possible. To give them the freedom and enjoyment of babywearing.

This course is everything I teach at in person consultations, and so much more. It is a deep dive into the world of slings and carriers, delivered by an experienced babywearing expert.

Newborn baby being carried in a ring sling
Dad wearing a newborn in a woven wrap after learning about wrapping in the babywearing for beginners course. Baby is crying and Dad is looking down at him to make sure he is ok.

What is included in this Babywearing for Beginners online Course?

This unique course takes you through the babywearing newborn basics, taking you from overwhelm to a full understanding of the different options avaliable when it comes to babywearing.

Save money and avoid costly mistakes by understanding about babywearing before purchasing a sling or carrier.

You’ll go from absolute beginner to wrapping expert, from not knowing which way your carrier goes, to expertly ensuring that baby has a good pelvic tilt and head support.

We’ll go through step-by-step the important safety considerations, how to tell if baby is comfortable and happy, knowing what to do when it all goes a bit wrong – when baby is crying, you are getting hot and bothered and everything is in a tangle.

We’ve all been there – and as long as a carry is safe then everything else can be “good enough” – you don’t need a picture perfect carry – you need one that supports you both enough to get on with you life.

Saying that, our simple and straightforward videos and images will help you to achieve those Pinterest, or Instagram worthy babywearing shots – all it takes is a little bit of knowhow!

This course will ensure that you have all the education, tools and support you could need. We help you to truly prepare confidently for choosing, and getting to grips with your chosen sling or carrier.

You’ll get:

  • Step by step video intructions and guides from tying wraps to getting baby in and out
  • 14 modules and 62 different lessons on all aspects of safety, positioning, troubleshooting, feeding in a carrier, tandem carrying, special circumstances
  • How to chose the “best” sling, wrap or carrier for your and your baby
  • A guide to big brands, ones to avoid and what to look out for
  • A full guide to stretchy wraps
  • A full guide to hybrid stretchy wraps e.g. Close Caboo
  • A full guide to Woven Wraps
  • A full guide to Hybrid Carriers – a cross between a wrap and a buckle carrier
  • A full guide to the different buckle carrier options – there are hundreds of different designs
  • Step by Step guides for all different types of sling and carrier
  • Advice and step by step guides for feeding in different types of carriers
  • Everything you need, from a trained and experienced Babywearing Consultant, trained by the best babywearing school – no need to search the internet and wonder whether the advice is reliable or not.
  • Lifetime access, and access to all updates and additions.

All this for just £21!

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